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Alisa ended up going back to work early, though Alistaire appeared worried about her. She shrugged it off, finished what she had to do, pick up Steve a pastrami sandwich, and went home. She face planted on her bed after hanging up her purse and putting away the sandwich. Her heels fell off her feet with a clicking sound as they hit the wooden floor before her bed.

"This day cannot get any worse... It just can't." She mumbled into her pillow, just as the front door opened and Steve walked in.
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Alisa unlocked the apartment door at the Waldorf Astoria. It was decorated in a rather posh manner. A crystal chandelier hanging in the living room, velvet curtains, Victorian furniture (not inspired furniture, but the real deal), fabric wallpaper, a marble bathroom, and about 1,300 square feet of luxury. She placed her purse on the dinning room table and turned back to Steve.

"Please, make yourself at home."
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Alisa managed to secure an apartment in the Waldorf Astoria, until she could find a new apartment to live in. She had left the Pier and was trying to get her life in order. It was suggested she stay for a bit longer, but she refused. She as determined to get back into High Society, and her rightful place in life. The world had knocked her down, and she was going to climb back up even if it killed her... figuratively, of course.

Despite warnings to let Alistaire go, she was tired of listening to everyone else but herself. She got into this whole mess because she listened to what other people thought, instead of what she thought... and that ended once Brooke gave her a spark back.

"Of all people, leave it to Brooke to get me back to how I was. I doubt she intended it, knowing her." Alisa mumbled, shrugging her shoulders as she took another sip of her Brandy.

The doorman and front desk of the Waldorf were given specific instructions that if Alistaire Shaw wished to see her, he was to be told where she was, and given a key to her apartment. She still trusted him more than anyone else. Despite the screw up with her previous implants, he was always there... even when she tried to drive him away on the words of others. In her eyes, he was still the only friend she had.
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Alisa had remained on Alistaire Shaw's lap the entire time. Partly to keep him off balance in case he wished to attack her in some way, and the other part just for the hell of it. He was now offering his company in bed, of all things. Her demon like eyes rolled in her head as she sat up, leaning her back some to look at Alistaire directly in his face.

"You t'ink I'm jus' gonna rip off my clothes an' go to bed wit' you like dat all willy nilly? Jesus... your ego is just as bad as your Grandpere's."
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Alisa B. LeBeau sat in her the finely furnished loft/office she lived in. This part of owning a small business was a pain, waiting for a client to make a call or knock on the door. Of course she did herself no favors with being as blunt as she was with clients on the artwork they acquired. But it did give her a respect in the art world. She was one of the few authenticators who refused to sugar coat the obvious to the rich and famous, she told it as it is.

Her clients were wealthy and often referred to her by word of mouth. While most were furious at how she handled their "crises" with fake artwork or artifacts, they would eventually calm down and call her back to go with them to try and but legit artwork.

"If only dey contact me in de first place, I wouldn' 'ave a headache wit' all de stupidity dey t'row my way." She muttered to herself, leaning back in her chair with her legs propped up on her desk. Was it so hard for the wealthy to be logical?

Dressed in a white dress blouse, some pin stripped pants, and black stiletto high heels, Alisa gave out a yawn at her desk. All she could do for now is relax and hope someone contacts her today. Eventually some moron would call her or knock at her door. Eventually...
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Player Name/ Personal Journal:
Nicole Wagner/ Alisa_LeBeau_v3



Character Name:
Alisa B. LeBeau

Character Journal:

Physical Description:
Alisa LeBeau has a somewhat tan skin, auburn colored hair that goes to the small of her back, a somewhat lithe figure, and red on black eyes. She stands at 5' 7" and weighs one hundred and thirty seven pounds.

Estimated between Twenty Four or Twenty Six


Anya Rozova

Character Location/Home:
Manhattan, New York City


The New Orleans Thieves Guild through adoption.

Alisa has the ability to absorb the rage of those around her and channel it into raw power. Her strength, agility, speed, and invulnerability. She also has a high level of intelligence, which is not related to her powers.

Weaknesses and Flaws: Alisa is unable to draw from her own anger and absorbing too much rage can cause an "overload" in which she loses control of herself or passes out. She has to monitor how much she absorbs and how quickly she can release it.

Alisa is never afraid to speak her mind, nor is she willing to take back what she says. Hard-headed comes to mind when describing her personality. She can sometimes become egotistical when it comes to her intelligence levels, what she can physically do, and her own beauty.


Alisa B. LeBeau does not know much of her own past. That she was adopted and brought to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by members of the Thieves Guild. There were always rumors she was a replacement Jean Luc LeBeau's adopted son, Remy LeBeau. Just in case something happened to "Le Diable Blanc", Alisa LeBeau would take his place and marry an Assassin in order to keep the peace between the warring Guilds in New Orleans. But in the end, there was no need for her to replace Remy Lebeau (whom she never met in person). Unsure of what to do with the young woman who was adopted into the Guild, Alisa began training as a "Guild Enforcer". A "Guild Enforcer" would go out to those who had wrong the New Orleans Thieves Guild in any way and collect payment... or break a few knee caps to remind them to never mess with the Guild again.

By the time she was sixteen and her powers had finally developed, Alisa had gained a reputation in New Orleans for being as cruel as she was beautiful. No one dared to mess with Guilds once they heard Alisa was going to be sent their way. But eventually Alisa grew bored of taking care of the problems for the Guild in New Orleans as well as in Baton Rouge. She left the Guild and the state of Louisiana behind to go attend college in New York City.

With her high IQ and impressive High School transcript, Alisa became a student at ESU, graduating early with a Masters in History and a minor in Art History. She now lives in a loft in Manhattan, working as an authenticator for various museums in the city, and street fighting for fun at night to let off steam.

Sample Post:

Alisa LeBeau smirked as she looked at the new Monet painting before it. It was a true work of beauty. Colorful, clean, and in a very expensive frame. A shame it was a fake. In a way, she did not feel bad for the man who bought this obvious fake. "A fool and his money are often parted" they say, and this just proved that statement in full.

"I do hate to break it to you, Mistah Reynolds... but you are now de proud owner o' a fake Monet. I really hope you didn' pay all too much for dis."

She could feel the owner's rage at what she said, feel it fueling her powers and making her stronger. It was always a nice feeling, but she had to try and control how much she took in. Taking in too much too quickly could turn the lovely young woman into more of a bitch than she already was.

"I suggest you calm down, Mistah Reynolds. If you bought dis from an auction house, you should go an' report it as soon as you can. An' get a lawyer, you may be in a fight to get refunded whatever you spent on dis... Painting. An' next time, call me before you make a purchase. It's better to 'ave me inspect de work before you go an' buy it on de fly. Here's my card, an' I will get back to you wit' my bill."

Her words were dripping with wisdom as well as some snarkiness as she grasped her briefcase and walked out the door. Tonight, she would need a real good fight to get the edge off of being around so many fools. She grew up around those who took such idiots for rides and often took care of those who tried to cheat others. She had little to no patience for such things, and yet she took a job filled with morons and thieves. Perhaps she truly was a gluten for punishment, or for handing out punishment.


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